Top SEO Consultants in India

A Result-driven and professional SEO Consulting partner is the key factor to help you drive best search engine traffic and skyrocket your business growth. We are one of the top SEO consulting service providers in India. Call now @ 8639131079 for more information.

We have been continuously working on SEO On-page, Off-page and Technical SEO to get the maximum amount of traffic and leads through a major search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.,

As an SEO Consultant will perform a wide range of SEO Related tasks(Includes Paid campaigns, SEO Offpage, SEO -OnPage) to get more number of leads or sales. The Major job is to help you overcome the challenge of getting your business or brand visible online through search engines. Some of the different types of goals of business are as follows:

  • Some of them need to drive sales for their business
  • To transform their websites into effective marketing mediums that generate business.
  • Clients need Maximum traffic through Organic way or Free SEO.
  • Generate more revenue by meeting customer needs.
  • Clients need to improve their Google Business Listings or Improve their Local Presence.
  • To Outrank of the competitors.
  • To Build their own Online Presence.

Almost all of the Businesses in the world needs SEO services from the Top SEO Consultants who can help achieve their online marketing goals. Digital marketing services in Bangalore is one of the best seo service consultants based out of Bengaluru, India

We offers a  wide range of digital marketing services to help businesses achieve top rankings in Google. our main aim is to help websites work as a one of the major asset in Digital marketing and hence, generate qualified SEO traffic and further increase ROI for the business

.Our SEO Consultancy Services

With the help of our professional and certified Best SEO Consultant in Bangalore, based on your business goals we will craft the best & efficient methods in online marketing strategies.

The range of services provided by Top SEO Consultants in Bangalore (India) cover the following areas:

  • Covers Various marketing channels from websites to blogs, emailmarketing, Paid Channels (display advertising, video advertising, paid search),SEO,SEM and social media.
  • Publishing content that is useful, highly relevant, linkable, and original
  • Stregezising both offsite and onsite SEO techniques
  • Implementing internal linking practices for generating direct traffic

  • Cross-channel marketing and promotion
  • Publishing articles that are highly sharable and promoting content
  • Earning inbound editorial links
  • Performing continual progressive improvements and adjustments

Why to Choose an SEO Consultant?

You will hire the services of Top SEO Consultant to help your business grow with consistency.

As the internetworld grows and your target audience evolves in terms of the use of the medium and their understanding of it, it is the SEO consultants who play the important role of keeping them informed.

Some of the main reasons for using the services of such an Expert SEO Consultant are as follows:

  • We come up with Advanced SEO strategies
  • Doing Technical SEO Audit to identify ON Page and Technical Errors in SEO Prespective
  • Improving your site’s visibility in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing
  • Improving your brand business’ online visibility
  • Improving User Experience such as Dwell time, CTR etc.,

You may have a static or dynamic website; our SEO Consultancy Services can provide you with valuable insights. We can help you in finding new opportunities to grow your business. When you hire our SEO Consultancy Services, your website can improve in the following areas:

  • Analysis of SEO strategies
  • Technical SEO Optimisation
  • ON Page Optimisation
  • Off-Page Optimisation
  • Improved keyword usage
  • Improved UI
  • Brainstrom SEO copywriting
  • Optimise for the website exposure in SERP’s

Our team of SEO Experts work with your in-house staff or provide all the services on our own in an independent manner. It is a well-known fact that search engine algorithms and strategies keep changing every year. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the big three names in the industry that stand out for their complex algorithms. Sometimes the algorithm updates take place every few months, creating even bigger challenges for your business in maintaining its search rankings. Today, even the presence on social media sites has become an important ranking factor.

What Do SEO Consultants Do?

As your SEO Consultancy Service Provider, our job is to understand your marketing goals and help you achieve them.

We go beyond and study your industry competition, your niche, brand

edge, and brand awareness goals. We ensure that your search marketing

objectives are realistic, measurable, and achievable.

Our range of SEO Consultancy Services includes the following aspects related to your business and its online presence:

  • Web Page Optimization: We execute Major on-page SEO elements and structure the seo friendly web content as per the guidelines of Google.
  • Website Audit: Our SEO consultants will check,test, and identify website visibility issues. Our experts will document

    the benchmarks and check Google indexing status, website contentinventory, HTML code efficiency, traffic statistics, domain authorityfactors, and keyword targeting.

  • Competition Analysis: As a SEO Consultant will reverse-engineer your competitor sites to identify their strengths and

    weaknesses of paricular website . We will comparison the backlink profiles using Authorised seo tools.

  • Keyword Research: SEO Consultants conduct keyword discovery and set keyword targeting strategy for main keywords and

    long-tail key phrases. Identifying potential keyword targets having lower competition and higher profits. Conduct research for alternative keywords.

  • Keyword Mapping: Assigning, matching and mapping keywords to specific web pages to ensure topic organization.
  • Creating URL Map: Our SEO Consultants assess your

    website’s existing URL Map and make suggestions for improvement. It is
    the blueprint document for your website’s Information Architecture.

  • Use Advanced SEO Tools: Our SEO consultancy teams
    undergo regular training to stay on top of the latest SEO tools and
    their versions. We have the expertise in interpreting software data to
    make impactful recommendations. This also includes explaining the
    significance and purpose of key SEO tools to your in-house staff, if
    required. Some of the examples of such tools include Google Analytics,
    Google Webmaster Tools, Rank Tracking, Header Response Checkers, and
    more paid and free tools and software.

  • Achieve Better Search Rankings: Our SEO Consultants in India
    help you achieve top 10 rankings in Google for Money Keywords on
    internal landing pages, the home page, blog posts, or published articles. We
    help you benefit from the ranking momentum generated by new keywords to
    transition from anonymity to the top of search engine rankings. The
    focus is on improved CTR and results in YouTube video carousels and
    knowledge graph card.

  • Improving UX to Boost Conversions: Our SEO
    consultants will optimize your website to improve user experience (UX).
    This will help in minimizing page abandonment, increasing visitor dwell
    time, increasing page views, increasing CTR, and evaluate rich content

  • Identify & Resolve Technical SEO Issues: This is one of the core aspects of our SEO Consultants
    services involve identification and resolution of technical SEO issues
    like canonicalization, crawl errors, 404 errors, broken links,
    pagination, robot.txt file, content duplication, and more.

  • Create New Content Strategies & Ideas: Our SEO
    A consultant will study your current content strategy and content and
    create new ideas and strategies. We identify content gaps, coach and
    train on creating original, relevant, and value-based content, and take
    steps to consolidate thin content.

  • Improving Website Content: Our SEO Consultant will
    conduct content editing and proofreading to improve readability. We will
    consolidate and update content, and add subheadings to ensure that it
    is scan-able by readers. Some of the key aspects of content improvement
    focus on making it evergreen, providing enough space, use bullet points,
    use statistics and facts and figures, correct grammatical errors, and
    ensure that each page has a purpose, relevance, and add value.

  • Local SEO: We run local SEO marketing campaigns
    that include tasks like verified Google My Business profile, local City
    Pages, consistency in NAP profile, and Google Maps listing. We also
    focus on the acquisition of local business reviews and reputation
    management using the right tools. Our SEO Consultancy Services also includes the application of local schema markup and microdata structured data and getting local business citations.

  • SEO Strategy Suggestions: Our SEO Consultants
    provide continual consulting services to keep improving your web pages.
    This includes proposing a timeline for online marketing campaign
    strategy and schedule. We also assess the progress of the actions being

  • SEO-Friendly Website: One of our primary goals is
    to ensure that you have an SEO-friendly website. This means that the
    website delivers optimal results for both human readers and search
    engines. We ensure that the content is crawl-ready and findable.

  • CTA Improvement Suggestion: We can perform
    conversion testing based on the requirement. Identify customer pain
    points and take steps to relieve them. Conduct A/B testing if required
    and create a USP.

  • KPIs: We discuss the Key Performance Indicators
    (KPIs) criteria for the success of your SEO campaigns and improved
    website performance. For example, keywords achieving rank 1 in Google,
    audience share, profits, traffic sources, and ROI.

  • Mobile Search: Mobile search has become even bigger
    than desktop search. We recommend responsive web design and implement
    other strategies to ensure that your website ranks high in mobile search
    results. We also create content strategies so that it ranks high in
    Google Mobile-first index and voice search results.

  • Off-Page SEO: We make suggestions on developing a
    diversified inbound link profile. This involves a focus on only
    white-hat link building strategies including content marketing,
    Influencer Outreach, and designing and publishing Infographics. We also
    make recommendations on how to earn and draw organic relevant links to
    relevant landing pages and content.

  • Periodic SEO Reporting: As
    you should also expect regular SEO reports on your projects. Such
    reports cover information or data verticals such as keyword ranking
    changes, linking domains, traffic trends, highest traffic landing pages,
    traffic sources, and incoming links and linking domains.

  • Ongoing Improvement: We will use data metrics to
    improve content engagement on your web pages. The metrics can include
    traffic measurement and CTA completions over different online marketing
    channels. We can keep improving the web content to ensure that your
    business stays ahead of the competition.

  • Application of Advanced SEO Techniques: We use
    advanced techniques to optimize your search engine visibility. This
    includes the creation of evergreen content, Google Quick Answers Book,
    installing HTML markup, Google knowledge panel visibility, and more.

  • Optimizing Internal Linking Structure: We implement
    the best internal linking practices for improving your website
    usability. This ensures that the link structure is crawl-able. We also
    make use of marketing funnels, breadcrumb navigation, anda  proper link

Why Professional SEO Consultancy Services?

When you approach professional SEO Consultancy Services like us, you will get customized SEO services.

Each business faces unique SEO challenges. We will identify these

challenges and issues and create a custom plan to help you succeed with

your SEO campaigns while achieving your business goals. When we assess

our client websites and their online presence, we often find that they

may need much more than just SEO services.

The associated requirements can include website designing and

development, email marketing, paid search advertising, and campaign

management among others.

Why Hire the Top SEO Consultancy?

Search Engine Optimization is the basic requirement for an effective

search engine marketing strategy. However, several marketers and

businesses trying to employ SEO face challenges in an attempt to derive

effective results. As the best SEO consulting services in India, align

your business needs to the core to design a yielding SEO

strategy for your website. Our professional SEO consultants manoeuvre the

online presence of your business offerings in a way that is extensible

and invincible. Making your brand stay ahead of the competition is our motto

when offering our SEO consulting services in India.

We can envisage the future presence of your business on the search and create a more appropriate approach to help your business become searchable on the internet. We not only provide the best SEO consultancy in India but also make your marketing team work in line with the strategy. We have been associated with some renowned brands whose marketing teams have been assisted through our SEO Experts who work day and night to enhance their search visibility. Our rational approach is what makes us stand out amongst the Top SEO consulting services in India.

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