Profesional SEO Services in Bangalore

If you want your service to be found online, Then use our Professional SEO Services to get a SmartWay to reach your potential prospects. Each day more than 1 billion queries are happening on Google search engine. More than 88% of people are constantly searching for products/services will you provide. There moreover 300 million websites all across the web. Are you doing enough to be found on Google search? this is the place to get affordable SEO services with best in quality.

We are the best SEO Services provider in Bangalore and we do consult as well. We have a team of Digital Marketing and Webdesign experts and who will understand your business core objectives thoroughly before implementing the core SEO strategies.

Why Should You Aim To Be On page 1 of Google Search Engine?

Every business exists to sell its business services or products. But you cannot make a sell unless your customers are aware of what you are selling and what makes you different from your competition. Let say When a prospect is looking for a service/product you provide, he/she will not go beyond 1st  of Google Search.if he didn’t find the result he/she will replace the keyphrase. So, if you need to get a good amount of leads and enquiries for your site then your website should be on page 1st page of SERP.

How can an SEO Services Bangalore company like us go to help you? We are team comprises of experts who have several years of experience in SEO, digital marketing and have a solid understanding of business. As a result, we do not “sell” SEO Services. We work like business partners, where we will spend time to understand your business, formulate a strategy that is tailored towards you and then execute the strategy. As a result, you will strongly be involved in the process of SEO strategy and you will have a strong role to play in how SEO benefits your business.

Why should you decide to work with us!

A business like you cannot manually rank on top of  Google search automatically. When you are competing against several competitors online with several million webpages, you can only rank in Google, when your website has been designed and developed from scratch it starts with the keyword research. This is what, our team does to ensure SEO services in Bangalore can help you with. We will optimise your website as per the Google algorithm and does not violate the guidelines site by Google and make it more searchable in Google. We will be able to customise your website through Proper On page and Off page as well as Technical SEO so that, you can expect more visitors and leads driving from your website. Although there are several thousand SEO Services Bangalore on Google, what makes us unique is the way we help businesses identify and optimise Basic Hygiene SEO so that your website to generate leads. we have been successful in executing projects for several businesses in India.

Too many people have misconceptions about how SEO works. To some it is a one-time affair, it is a matter of luck. We don’t agree with either. We take up SEO projects only when we understand your business goals.

We think of SEO as any other marketing channel. Just like one needs to spend hours defining the perfect marketing campaign, one needs to devote equal time to make SEO work for their websites. Being one of the premier providers of SEO Services Bangalore, we not only help you increase your visibility in Google but also help you in generating the content, copywriting, developing and designing your website, modifying your website architecture such that you are always ahead of the curve and will never be affected by Google’s algorithms.

Our Step by Step approach to SEO

The most important aspect of SEO for any website is Keyword Research. Whatever is said of Keyword Research is an understatement, because keyword research is similar to market research for your product. Unless you know what your customers are buying, you will never be able to sell. Similarly, keyword research is the only way to find out what your potential customers are looking to buy and how you should optimise your site with those keywords in mind. helps you to identify the most important keywords which are not only relevant to you but also have less competition. This means you should only select keywords for which you can come up Google search faster and thus get more targeted visitors.

We also analyse your website’s performance, technical aspects, your website architecture, links and then create a strategy keeping all these factors in mind.

Our Unique SEO Services:

1.SEO Audit of your website (done manually)

If you are interested to know how your website is performing, we can do an SEO audit for you. How do we do it?

There are plenty of tools out there which can auto-generate reports for you. But the biggest issue is these reports are “one size fits all”. We will analyse your website manually, and help you understand how and where you can improve your website.

We have completed SEO Audits for over 30+ websites already.

What does the SEO Audit Report Contain?

We provide details on the following:

1. On-Page Factors

      • Meta Description, Page Title, H1 & H2 Tags Analysis
      • Alt Tag Analysis
      • Broken Link Analysis
      • Sitemap and Robots files
      • HTML Validation
      • CSS Validation
      • Blog Analysis
      • Keyword Density Analysis
      • Page Load Speed Analysis
      • Crawl Overview
      • Internal Link Analysis
      • Anchor text analysis
      • Page Speed

We do not include in-depth keyword research, as we will need access to your Google webmasters and Google Analytics accounts for this.

2. SEO Consulting and SEO Services for your Website

We will work with you for a few months on both off-page and on-page SEO strategies. We will work on the following:

2.Off-Page SEO Services

      • Creation of Backlinks(Using Ethical Techniques)
      • Directory Submissions of your site
      • Social Media Page Management (Facebook and Google Plus)
      • Social Bookmarking
      • Creation of YouTube Video for your site (from PowerPoint)
      • Google Places SetUp
      • Google Adwords Campaign(You will need to buy the Adwords but we will design the campaign so you get maximum ROI).

We engage with a client for a minimum of 3 months for SEO as it’s the least optimum period to be able to fully Scale SEO benefits.

We will provide you with a report in a Month.

We are specialized in SEO Services Bangalore. We work with clients and help them come up the first page of Google Rankings.

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