how to get website on top of google

Are you looking for your website in Top of Google on page 1? Then you should consider these factors.

Here is the Checklist of SEO to boost your organic rankings especially in Google’s algorithm perspective.

Google ways to show Quality and most accurate results for its users. That’s the reason Google continuously works on the algorithmic process. At least there will be 2000+ changes made in Google’s algorithm. Here are the things you consider to bring your website on top of Google’s search engine.

The most important factor is content to rank higher on Google’s Search Engine. The higher your quality and quantity of your content the better your website can rank on Google’s SERP. Usually, it will take a minimum of 3-6 months to get your website on the top spot of Google.

  1. Content is King always – Write content for users and not for search engines, Write well written and which is useful content to the users. Focus on creating and worthy content so that Google will rank even though you will miss minor ranking factors.
  2. Title and Description – Title and Description is used to understand what the page is about, Ideal Title length should be 65-70 characters range and the Description should not exceed 160 characters.
  3. SSL(Security Socket Layer) – This is one of the important factors in Google to ensure give boosting your website to https(used to prevent the information secured and not to steal the information from the site hackers)
  4. Content length – The more content you write the more benefit to your blog. Write the words at least 750.
  5. Optimize for CTR– Write a well-written Title and Description more compelling include numbers in the title (Eg:2020, 7 ways to reduce your belly fat)
  6. Load Speed– This is a crucial On-Page factor if you want to show up your website at the top of Google search you must optimize for the Load time of your site.
  7. Bounce Rate- You should always look out for opportunities to reduce the bounce rate. You can write a brief about the topic and you can give internal links to reduce the bounce rate.
  8. Make sure to submit your website to Google ( Use Google Search Console tool to submit your site to Google)
  9. Optimize your site for Mobile speed and Mobile responsiveness ( you can use Google PageSpeed Insights to find your website score), Use AMP Version for your site.
  10. Add Structure data to your site to get more engagements.
  11. Encourage users to share the site on Social media.
  12. Improve your brand Presence to enhance your website.
  13. Use Google search console to resolve the major errors on your site.
  14. Identify the backlink opportunities with the help of tools like SEMRush and Ahref’s.
  15. Make sure your business is verified on Google (Google My Business).
  16. Check out crawl and indexing errors in Google Search Console.
  17. Improve the dwell time of your website.
  18. Update your content regularly.

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